Magia es verte sonreír

Llega un whatsapp Juani, la profesora de inglés.

Juani Inglés: Hola! En un ratito te mando un correo p contarte algo muy positivo. Es q es largo pero genial. Me ocurrió con 2 bach.
Juani Inglés: A las 2 se lo conté a mis compis de inglés. Maru se emocionó mucho.

Un poco más tarde, me llegó otro:
Juani Inglés: Ya envié el correo.

Juani realmente tiene razones para sentirse orgullosa de su tabajo como profesora y como persona, por haber contribuido a la felicidad y formación de sus alumnos.

Y en el correo decía: ¡Intriga resuelta! 

Hola, ya estoy aquí.
Bueno pues… el viernes pasado , que era el último día con los alumnos de 2 Bachillerato, todavía tenía pendiente el hacerles dos exámenes: un writing y un listening. Estaban super-estresados porque además tenían otros exámenes. Yo, no suelo ajustar tanto los finales pero… no lo pude evitar. Me gusta hablar relajadamente con los alumnos el último día. 
Entonces pensé, bueno, en el writing les voy a poner dos opciones: 

A) Write about your experience at this school.
B) Advantages and disadvantages of on-line games.

Salvo 3 alumnos, el resto se decantó por la opción A.

Y, aquí viene lo bueno: Escribieron todos realmente desde el corazón. Me quedé gratamente sorprendida. Escribieron, la mayoría, bastante bien en inglés. Pero los más importante fue ver por escrito el concepto que tienen de sus compañeros, profesores y el centro, que es sencillamente magnífico.
Creo que deberíamos publicarlo en todos los sitios del centro posibles.

Yo ya pasé los writings a word sin nombre porque quiero que sean anónimos pero … si conocemos a los alumnos es fácil deducir de quién es!!
Te los envío para que te hagas una idea.
Mañana hablamos!!

Y éste es el documento adjunto que tan feliz hizo sentir a mi compañera Juani, a sus compañeros y a mí mismo.

(By 2nd Bachillerato Students)

My experience in this school has been wonderful. I have been learning here for six years. The teachers are very happy. I am going to have a good memory of all. I remember that I was very small, and I had small glasses the first time that I was at this school. My favourite subject is Biology but I have been doing a “bachillerato de sociales”.
When I finish I would like to go to the university and study anthropology because in the future I will go to other countries and learn about other cultures.

I´ve been six years at this school and my experience hasn´t always been very good. I can´t complain about the first years. It was the secondary school and I learned so much as a student and as a person in those years. I had some difficulties but I finished “ESO” with very good results. “Bachillerato” has been very different. I´m really tired of this and I just want to finish it as soon as possible but I know that next year I´ll be studying second “Bachillerato” again. I have lost so much time doing nothing and now it is too late to fix the mess I´ve made!
Finally, all I can do is to accept my errors and don´t repeat them next year at my new school.


My experience at this school has been normal, I think. I came here when I was twelve years old and I have
grown up here in the same place with almost the same people because some people always go on their own way.
I consider I haven´t had any huge problem on my personal education. Now, I feel the next step near me and I don´t regret about anything I have done over these years.
I cannot say that I have had a bad time although sometimes it has been hard but I could face it.
I appreciate the help of my friends and teachers who have helped me all these years.


I have been studying here for six years, it´s a lot of time! I have met many people, good girls and good boys,
good friends. I´ve learnt things that I´m going to use in the future.
When I was here for the first time, I was a very shy person. I didn´t speak with anyone but now I´ve changed. During the two final years, in “Bachillerato”, I´ve met people who in the future are going to be good friends. I think that “Bachillerato” has been the two best years I´ve studied. Now, each of us is going to choose a new way but we are going to parties as we have sometimes been doing in these two years.
Really, I will remember all this and will miss the people.


I am going to write about my experience at this school. So, I started at this school when I was 12 years old, in 2nd ESO.
Well, my first day at school was really good because the people, teachers and students were very nice with me. That year was really funny and interesting because we went to Cantabria, all the 2nd ESO group. That trip was the best of ever. It was so funny and now I have a lot of anecdotes. I had so much fun because I was with my friends. This was the unique trip that we did in ESO.
In conclusion, I love this school because here I have done a lot of very good friends. And, I will keep in contact with them all my life!


My experience at this school has been wonderful and I will miss many people. Now we are preparing for the
“PAU” tests and we are very nervous because we think that it´s very difficult. I want to study “ADE” (economic studies) and I hope someday to work in my own office.
I will live with Reni, she is my best friend and she is going to study accounting. We must pay two hundred euros for the rent of a flat.
I hope to become someone important in life.


In this school I have had many happy moments, but sometimes I have felt badly too. However, all I have lived here is something I will remember forever.
First, my teachers since 1st ESO have done I have learnt a lot of things, and not only about subjects, about life too, because I have learnt a lot to be responsible and the importance of studying to have a future.
I have enjoyed my lessons: Spanish, history, Philosophy, English, … All of them have taught to me how I can be happy, and I´m happy studying that.
Now, I know I want to study law and I go out of here. I think I will miss my friends, and everyone will take his/her own way, but I hope I can see them again and we have many things to tell each other.
I can only say THANK YOU SO MUCH because of the house that all of you have given to me here. I have felt very comfortable and I have had a wonderful and amazing experience here.


Well, even though I hadn´t studied “ESO” (secondary school) in this place, I´ve loved my experience here and I really feel that I have learned a lot and I´m glad that I´ve chosen to study arts at “IES María Pérez Trujillo”. I´ve found wonderful and highly qualified teachers who have let me grow in my knowledge, so I´m thankful to all of them. I feel that I have changed in many ways since I got in here and sometimes I remember about myself and don´t even recognize me. Thanks God I´ve already passed all the subjects, so I assume this is a goodbye. It´s strange to think about changes but I´m excited about things I´m going to do next year. Thanks again for spending your time on me, on us. Farewell.


I´m really sure that it´s my fault, and I´m the only one that has the blame, but I really have disliked this year,
since the first month it was a hell for me. I should have studied more and have had more perseverance, but it was really hard to me. In November I went to my first tour around Spain with my band, and I tasted a little bit of fame, and when I came again here, back to the exams, to my parents making pressure on me so I could have good marks and all those things, it was really hard to assume that I was back to reality again. 
Now it´s my last chance, so I will give the best of me now in June to pass all the exams successfully and be able to go to “PAU” and study English Philology at the University.


My experience at this school, where I have been studying for seven years, has been amazing. I have had good moments but horrible moments, too. I´ve met many friends during this long time at IES María Pérez Trujillo. I´ve also met fantastic teachers.
In conclusion, my experience at the IES María Pérez Trujillo has been fantastic!


My experience at this school, I think, was more rewarding than at first I supposed to. Everything was new
for me, … teachers, classmates, … but I didn´t feel scared at that because I have always said that “changes make everything”. At first, it was easy for me to study all the subjects, but second “Bachillerato” was very difficult. My father says that if you want something, you have to go hard or go home because life is not easy, and you always have to work hard to have whatever you want.
In this school I´ve learned so many things and I´ve met many people to whom I´m so thankful!
These two years were a change for me, and for all my classmates. We´ve grown together and this is something that I don´t want to forget.


My experience has been very good at this school because my teachers and partners have been very cheerful. I studied secondary at Pureza de María School. There, I passed the exams with good marks in 4th ESO because I loved science! My teacher Nayra was very funny and confident for me.
Later, I went to IES Rafael Arozarena to study 1st “Bachillerato”. It was very sad! There, my partners were very clever and they helped me in English because the level of English is very difficult. Really, I didn´t study hard at Rafael Arozarena school so I came to study “Bachillerato” (art) at IES María Pérez Trujillo. The first day I was very energetic because I was going to start a new course! I was very cheerful! I love singing and drama. It was my dream! The first year of “Bachillerato” my partners and me made a drama performance at IES La Laboral in La Laguna. It was a very amazing experience! I watched the smiles in the public. It was very beautiful!
Now, in the second course I´m feeling very good because I have studied many lessons and I´ve felt very good with my partners. 
I will study at la Laguna University. I want to study journalism or teaching.


My experience at this school has been more or less positive in different aspects.
First, when I arrived here, I was unkown by everybody and everybody was unkown by me. I felt so lonely! But suddenly, I met a new best friend, and her name is Raquel. She helped me so much! We went on a cruise together and it was fantastic and amazing. But, when we arrived at the high school it was catastrophic because things got complicated for me but finally I passed all my subjects and now I´m in second “Bachillerato”. When I started the course, I started with positive attitude but I had a serious problem in my house and I thought of going back to Venezuela. Finally, I was given an advice and changed my mind. In this course, I was working at Christmas and I met another new friend and her name is Laura.
I want to finish this course and I would like to study beauty with my friend Laura and I hope to get it.


I´m going to write about one of the best experiences at this school. It was when David and me sang “Dope” while I was playing the piano and we sang. It was very exciting because I had always wished to sing and play the piano at the same time and singing one of my favourite songs. After that performance, a lot of people congratulated me and I felt like a celebrity. “Bachillerato” has brought me a wonderful year and a wonderful friend.


When I started in this school I felt so lonely because I didn´t know any person from this high school. I started
studying hairdressing in a “PCE” (basic professional studies). I love the hairdressing work. In the future, if I can´t be an actress, I would like to be an excellent hairdresser. I like playing with the hair, the form and colour, the art that changes the appearance of the hair. After these studies, I started 1st “Bachillerato”. I felt lost when I started with so many subjects, I have never studied music or drawing. The chaotic moment began when I started studying 2nd “Bachillerato”. It´s crazy!!


I´ve been in this school since I turned to 12 years old and I have been passing every grade of “ESO” and “Bachillerato” not having the greatest marks but not too bad marks neither. I´ve met wonderful people at this school and all the teachers were very helpful people and interesting in one way or another. Also, I´ve had a wonderful time with my classmates. I know that it isn´t a place to meet with friends, but it is really a place where you can talk to them because you are supposed to come every day. Talking about studies, I´ve had some very tough years, like third grade of “ESO” or this year, for example. But I´ve learned a lot of things and I´ve got much knowledge through all these years.
Today is the last day at this school and, I haven´t assimilated it yet. Not coming back every day, not seeing some faces, breaking this routine from the last six years. It´s a big change for me going to University now, and I´m afraid of the future. I´m afraid of what it can be, afraid of passing this year at school or not (it depends on Spanish subject), afraid of the “PAU” test and afraid of “getting the cut” for the design grade. I don´t even know where I´m going to live, or if I will be starting to learn to drive, but, at the same time I feel afraid of all these things, I can´t wait for them to happen. I could finish living in La Laguna sharing a flat, which is one of my biggest dreams. Now it´s time to wait and see.


My experience in this school has been very good. When I came to “Bachillerato” I was happy because the

“Bachillerato” is the last step so I can finish my music studies. I will study more English because I want to study out of Spain. So, this summer I will go for three months to United States with my cousin who lives in Indianapolis and in two years I´ll come back from there to study violin. This summer I will attend master lessons there in Indianapolis. I feel so happy and I´ll miss the teachers.


Thank you and good luck, our dear students!!
Your English teachers:

Menú de Estimulación Sensorial

Esta semana queremos sorprenderles con una estimulación sensorial a través de nuestro menú.

Como siempre les esperamos en nuestro restaurante pedagógico.

Aprovechamos para presentarles el nuevo blog de nuestro Departamento de Hostelería, en el que colgaremos información sobre nuestro Restaurante Pedagógico, talleres, recetas y eventos de nuestro departamento.

Pueden hacer sus reservas en el 647933193

Un saludo.  


Les informamos que durante el mes de Junio se va a impartir el taller de Cocina saludable, que se desarrollará en el taller de cocina del instituto.


Miércoles 28 de Mayo:

Miércoles 4 de junio: 

Miércoles 11 de junio: 

Miércoles 18 de junio: 

Se recomienda traer delantal y paño de cocina de casa.

Para confirmar asistencia por favor pónganse en contacto con Miguel Cubillas en el teléfono 922371943 antes del día Viernes 23 de Mayo.

El curso es totalmente gratuito

Apoya nuestro cortometraje en CINEDFEST

Si quieres verlo en tamaño mayor, haz clic en la imagen
CINEDFEST, Es probablemente una de las mejores iniciativas de la Consejería de Educación de Canarias. Y lo es, porque no se ha limitado a convocar uno de tantos concursos, de cortometrajes en este caso.   

Lo más importante, es que han ofrecido a los centros participantes, alumnos y profesorado, una formación de calidad.

CINEDFEST es un Festival Educativo de Cine dela Consejería de Educación de Canarias para los Centros de Primaria, Secundaria, Bachillerato y Formación Profesional. Festival de cortometrajes + formación.

Nuestro centro, el IES María Pérez Trujillo, participa con el cortometraje, Ludwig. Si es de tu gusto, agradeceremos enormemente que nos des tu voto. Si prefieres otro o simplemente disfrutar de su visión, tampoco nos vamos a enfadar.

Puedes ver Ludwig al final del post.

Si deseas votarnos, puedes hacerlo en este enlace

Puedes votar por cualquiera de estos tres sistemas: 
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Desde nuestro centro, el IES María Pérez Trujillo, queremos felicitar a los alumnos de 2º de Bachillerato de Artes Escénicas por su buen trabajo y a nuestro compañero Germán Gil, por otra de sus brillantes implicaciones.

Sin duda alguna, CINEDFEST se está presentando como una interesante iniciativa formativa de lenguaje audiovisual y cinematográfico, diga de permanecer en el tiempo.

5 Platos, 5 Continentes

Buenos días.

Este miércoles les ofrecemos un menú compuesto de cinco platos de los cinco continentes.

Esperamos que nos visiten y disfruten del menú.

Un cordial saludo.

Estación Metereológica en el IES María Pérez Trujillo

Hace ya varios años nuestro centro adquirió una estación meteorológica de Davis Instruments. Este año, el profesor Juan Ignacio Díaz , la ha puesto en funcionamiento y está llevando a cabo un trabajo y  un seguimiento de la misma.

Se trata de una estación meteorológica cableada Cabled Vantage Pro2™ (6152C) y incluye dos componentes:

  1. El conjunto integrado de sensores (ISS). El ISS incluye el módulo interfaz de sensores (SIM), pluviómetro, anemómetro, y abrigo de radiación pasivo. 
  2. La consola Vantage Pro2. La consola proporciona la interfaz para el usuario, visualización de datos, y los cálculos. 
La consola y el ISS se alimentan a través de un transformador AC conectado a la consola. Puede instalar pilas en la consola para proporcionar una alimentación de respaldo.

El WeatherLink™ de Vantage Pro2 permite que la estación meteorológica interactúe con un ordenador, para descargar los datos meteorológicos, y para publicar en web la información registrada por su estación. Nos hemos propuesto activar su funcionamiento y dar publicidad a nuestros datos.

La primera actuación, consistió en la instalación física de la estación en la azotea de nuestro centro. Con algunas dificultades nuestro personal de mantenimiento realizó el cableado hasta el almacén. Gracias, Juan Carlos.

En el almacén, hicimos la instalación de un equipo Dell junto con la consola Vantage Pro2. Tras algunas pruebas lo conectamos a la pantalla del centro. 

La conexión a internet supuso el cambio de red desde la Corporativa a la Educativa para que el software pudiera conectarse mediante FTP. Para subir la información utilizamos las plantillas htx que hemos adaptado a nuestras necesidades.

Las plantillas que subimos al servidor son:

Apaisado.htx En ella se reflejan los datos actuales así como del Sol y La Luna. También se hace una serie de gráficos de viento lluvia, presión, temperatura, temperatura de rocío y sensación térmica. 
Apaisado2.htx En ella además de los datos básicos se añade la previsión de la AEMET así como un mapa de isobaras y lluvia
Minidatos.htx Resumen de presión y temperatura para el widget de la web del centro
Awekas_wl.htx Formato de datos para la red Awekas de datos.
Meteoclimatic.htx Formato de datos para la red Meteoclimatic de datos.

La estación está conectada a un pc y este a una pantalla que emite para el centro.

La publicación de los datos se ha hecho en las plataformas:
Así mismo utilizamos los datos de:


Para finalizar los actos que se desarrollaron en nuestro instituto con motivo del "Día del Libro", el I.E.S. María Pérez Trujillo, se celebró, el pasado martes 29 de abril una velada Gastronómica-Literaria en la que participaron los alumnos de 1º CFGS Dirección de Cocina, 1º CFGM Servicios en Restauración, el  CFGM de Panadería y Pastelería, en colaboración con alumnos de la E.S.O. y Bachillerato, de la mano de los profesores Miguel Cubillas y Francisco Rubio

Esta fue la tercera actividad realizada por el Departamento de Hostelería con motivo de los actos del "Día del Libro". Las otras dos. consistieron
  1. En la realización de un Menú literario basado en las obras de Shakespeare, "El mercader de Venecia" y Miguel de Cervantes, "El Quijote".
  2. Elaboración de tartas con el libro como motivo.
La colaboración de los alumnos de secundaria y bachillerato consistió en la lectura y grabación en vídeo de los textos que dieron motivo a los platos elaborados para la ocasión y que fueron proyectados en dicho acto.

La charla- degustación tuvo lugar entre las 17,30 y las 20,00 horas en la Librería La Isla de Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

También puedes ver
El menú, que se inspiró en platos que aparecen en distintas obras de la literatura fue el siguiente:

Cocktail realizado por los alumnos de servicios

Pirozkhi de chorizo de perro y foie

(“Almas muertas”, Gogol)

Bacalao confitado, terrina de berenjena y espuma de ajo negro

(“El Quijote” Cervantes, “La berenjena” Eduardo Galeano)

Conejo relleno de su paté sobre risotto de calabaza y chirivía

(“La Regenta” Leopoldo Alas Clarín, ”Malas Artes” Donna León)

Tarta de fresa en copa 

(“Caperucita en Manhattan” Carmen Martín Gaite)

Los alumnos del ciclo medio de panadería realizaron un centro de panes decorativos que se emplearon como se ve en la foto para la charla.